5 Steps to the Ultimate #girlboss Office

Happy Monday! I have taken a couple weeks off for a little R&R (actually just trying to play catch up with projects) but I am back and ready to roll out some new blog posts!

Over the past few weeks we have covered everything from man caves to what we are loving on Pinterest, but we are ready to dive into a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts…creating the ultimate #girlboss office.

So as many of you know I run my interior design business out of my house, and sometimes it’s hard to create a space that doesn’t feel like every other space in the house. My biggest problem was not giving it the attention that it truly needed in order for me to feel like it was my little space to work and get things done.

Here are the 5 things you will need to create the ultimate home office.

Inspiration: Put up a quote that inspires you! Everyone needs a little kick every now and then to get started on something we have been putting off or just to get us in the right mood to work. Positivity is necessary when working no matter where it is you work.

Pictures: I use pictures as a reminder for why I do this! I work the hardest that I possibly can for my family; they motivate me to make the best out of everyday and to work my hardest to be successful.

Technology: Where would we be without it? I make sure that I have all of the necessary outlets and plug-ins needed to charge my devices right from my desk so I have everything within arms reach.

Greenery: As I stated in a recent instagram post, I simply cannot work without greenery in my space. Call me crazy, but I feel the most inspired and relaxed when I have a little plant life next to me (even fake plant life is cool with me.)

Desk Space: Be sure to invest in a desk that fits all of your needs. I personally like the idea of having a file drawer along with another cabinet for binders and things like that, it just helps me to stay organized in the midst of a crazy day.