Wrap it up!

Merry Christmas friends! Its that time of year again...time to decorate the tree, frost the cookies, and that's right, wrap the presents.

But what is the key to good gift wrapping? Well, to help out all you last minute wrappers, here some help to point you in the right direction.

#1 Make your own gift tags to add a personal touch.


These little babes are the tags that we made this year. We found some super cute stamps in the dollar section (along with the ink) and bought the scalloped cards at Hobby Lobby. Super cheap, quick and adds a really cute touch to gifts and even treat bags.

#2 Select a color scheme.


Not only do you want your presents to look pretty when you give them out, you want them to look good under your tree! Try to coordinate all of your paper and bags to create a cohesive look.

#3 Choose textured bows.


Textured bows are the perfect way to add that special touch to your gift wrapping. We are obsessed with these burlap bows from, you guessed it, Target.