Top 3 House Plants...and how not to kill them.

Happy Friday everyone! Its finally the weekend. I don't know about everyone else but I have been in total "clean everything out of every nook and cranny in the house" mode. I have been getting rid of stuff that, lets be real, I will never use or forgot I even have. I am ready to simplify my home and office. But, after getting rid of a ton of stuff, I realized that things can look a little bare. The solution: Plants galore. Not only are plants great little natural air filters, they add a touch of nature and life to every room. In my opinion, plants are vital to good decor and a happy home. Real or faux whichever you choose (I have plenty of both) adding in some green is a quick and easy way to bring a space together. So here are our top 3 indoor plants that we can't get enough of.

#1: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ahh the ever popular Fidle Leaf Fig. I have two of these babies in my house and they are my number one fav. They can be a pain in the neck as far as their care, but once you've got it down, they are actually a really hearty tree. Keep it next to bright, indirect light, and water it 2 cups every week. If its looking a little dry, try running a humidifier near it...they thrive in humid climates!

#2: Zanzibar Gem Plant

Next up is the Zanzibar Gem Plant. This plant is the easiest plant to maintain. I water mine once a month, and keep it near a relatively bright window, and it just keeps growing! This is a great plant if you really don't have a green basically get to forget about it for a few weeks. I keep Spanish moss around the base of the stalks to lock in the moisture for the whole month too.

#3: Snake Plant

Last on our list is the "Snake Plant" or the Sansevieria plant. These plants are also really easy to care for, but they can be a bit more challenging if you over water them. Be sure to keep this one out of direct sunlight, and only water every three to four weeks. They also need good soil drainage, so be sure the pot has a hole in the bottom or just be careful not to give it too much water.

Happy planting!


Team GDC