Patio Party Anyone?

January 24, 2017


Happy Tuesday everyone! Is anyone else freaking out because we are almost done with January?! Christmas was almost a month ago already...

Anyways, we have already been seeing stores that are gearing up for Spring and Summer. I know, crazy early right? But we figured we would show you guys a couple different trendy patio spaces and how to recreate your own look. Never too early to start planning a patio party right?


#1: Black and White

 What I love about this look is that it truly is so timeless and classic. You wont need to redo your patio every year as trends change. Black and white is always in style. Shop these items at Target.


#2: Blues on Blues

 Another  great trend this year (and last) is the use of blue! Even though most associate blue with being masculine, patterns and adding in white make blue super chic. You can shop all the pieces at Target.




Spring will be here before we know get thinking about your outdoor spaces!


Happy decorating.




Team GDC



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