hello again!

Hi everyone! As you can see, its been quite a while since I got on here. Almost a year actually. After going through one of the hardest years of my life, I am finally back and ready to start sharing my corner of the internet again with all of you! I have been meaning to jump on here for months, but to be honest I had no idea where to start or what to say. After going through the last year, I honestly feel like I lost my voice a little bit. I struggled to find what made ME different in this very saturated industry. But instead of asking myself why anyone would care, I thought, why do I care? Why do I feel the need to share? Well the fact is everyone wants to feel known, accepted, important, whatever...but what if that could come from ourselves and not from other people? How magical would that be? So friends, why new “why” is simple. Me. I hope that along the way in some way, shape, or form my little ME tidbits help others. So for now, I will just use this space to express myself, my love for design, good food, and memories I never want to forget. I hope you all stay a while and enjoy what is to come on my page! Xoxo, Marissa