Dining Room Refresh-Work In Progress

Do you ever just get the itch to totally change the look of your furniture? I totally do. I change up my entire look about once every 2-3 years and I am currently going through that again now! I had a very farmhouse-y looking table and decided I was so over it. I wanted a more neutral, timeless look, so I decided to work with what I already had since everything was still in great condition, and give it a makeover! Here is the before:

As you can see, I changed the look entirely. Even as a designer, I struggle to figure out exactly what my own personal style is because I love all styles! I think I am gravitating more towards a casual yet more industrial/boho style this go around. I love the look of mixed textures and layered neutrals. I am moving in the next couple months so this is not in the final setting, but just so you get an idea of the finished look, this is the rug and light fixture that I am pairing with my table and chairs.



I will be sure to post about my dining room redo once I am all moved and settled!