Featured Creative

Happy Thursday everyone! We are almost done with another week and I wanted to do something a little different...

I am starting a "featured creative" portion of the blog to highlight some other friends/designers/photographers etc. In a world full of creative minds, it can be a little intimidating or leave yourself believing that there is not enough room for everyone. Well folks, there is plenty of pie to go around. I want to encourage all of us to encourage one another and cheer each other on...we need more of that.

So without further adieu, please meet our very first featured creative!

Jennifer is a photographer located in Chicago, but also does destination shoots. She specializes in basically everything...she's a creative genius.

I just love how she truly captures the magic and wonder of life. Whether its a landscape, or an engagement shoot, she is able to capture a feeling, and that ladies and gents is beyond talent.

I first "met" Jennifer when she became my e-design client, and we instantly clicked. That's the remarkable thing about creative people, you just get other people who think like you. I started following her on Instagram and was blown away by her work. Did I mention she is also a mom of four kiddos?! So she is the definition of a mom boss!

Her prints are available for purchase through here. I know I will personally be purchasing basically all of her California Coast pictures she has up in her shop. I am always inspired when I see her pictures, so what better way than to display them in my home!

To see more of Jennifer's work, follow her on Instagram here.

I hope you are as in awe of Jennifer's work as I am!