We Moved!

Hey guys! If you follow me on insta you know that I moved a couple weeks ago! Totally unplanned and super fast, but man am I happy I did. I will be doing a full home tour within the next couple weeks or so, but for now I will give you guys a sneak peak along with some of my favorite finds I had to have for the new place! I wanted my new place to be a fresh start and with that I really wanted to figure out my own personal style and have it be a true reflection of everything I love.

Coffee Table

So for my coffee table I wanted something super simple and that would be a great versatile piece with the rest of the space. I have an amazing vintage, hand knotted rug that I wanted to be the centerpiece of the living room, so I wanted the items that I paired with it to just accent it. It's from Target, and seriously you cannot beat the price.


Now my exact sofa is no longer sold, but here is a super similar one with an even better price point from Living Spaces. I love sofas with a chaise. My friends and family love to come over and hang out and I swear the chaise is always the spot they fight over! The simple lines and shape of this sofa make it super versatile and the color is neutral enough to really go with any style.

Area Rug

My rug is one of a kind, so that one I can't link for you...buuuuttttt this one from Loloi is super similar and gives the same vibe to the space! I wanted my rug to be the jewel of the space and really ground it and bring it all together. Big expectations from a rug right?! A rug is the cherry on top in my opinion, it truly can make or break a space. I love bold rugs and whether its a vintage rug or a great modern day alternative, you can't go wrong!

Table Lamp

I LOVE my table lamps! My dad bought me one from Target probably close to 10 years ago at this point and thankfully they still make them, so I added the second one two years ago and I am still obsessed with them. They are so nice because you can change the style of them to fit whatever look you are going for by switching out the decor inside. If you are anything like me, having pieces that can change easily is so important!

Throw Pillow

Anyone else a throw pillow hoarder? I have so many pillows its kind of crazy. However, in my living room, I only have my absolute favorites. My exact pillows are no longer carried in stores, BUT here are some that are super similar. I love everything in my house to be the classic California chic look, very comfortable but still pulled together. My pillows are the way I soften a lot of the industrial pieces throughout my house.

I will be sharing the rest of my home as soon as it is all done, but in the meantime, I will be enjoying the process of making it mine. Be sure to follow GDC on instagram @guccionedesignconcepts for more updates!