Go-To Wood Stains

So by now you guys know I love a good project. I grew up seeing my mom constantly redoing our furniture, painting a wall, or crafting something up. I was always in awe how she would change the look of our house in literally one afternoon. So she is really to blame with my DIY obsession...

Over the last couple years my style has changed drastically...but my budget has not exactly changed that drastically with it. My mom always taught me to buy solid wood pieces that were versatile and stick to those so they can easily be stripped down and changed. Over the years I have found a few stains that stand out as my all-time favorites and I am so excited to share these with you guys!

Briarsmoke by Varathane

Guys there is a reason I put this at the very tip top of the list. I LOVE THIS STAIN. It is so easy to apply and dries beautifully and brings out the best tones in the wood. My mom got me hooked on this color (of course with her being the DIY guru), and I have used it many times on different items.

Special Walnut by Minwax

Neutral wood tones have and will forever be the best. Walnut is a color that can really be adapt to whatever style you have. I used this in combination with the briarsmoke when I redid my dining table.

Carbon Gray by Varathane

Give me all of the gray! I know I know, everyone is using grey. This is a slightly richer gray that really accents any variations in the wood while still giving you more of a solid tone to the piece. I used this on my entertainment piece and I love how it was a slightly richer gray tone since I have other neutral wood tone pieces in the same space.

Classic Gray by Minwax

More grey! This is a "warmer grey"...meaning it has a slight yellow undertone to the stain. I used this stain on my dining table top when I was into more of the farmhouse look, and I loved it! I still love it, I was just changing up my style hence the switch to a more neutral stain. This stain is nice because it has a built in sealer! All in one step you stain and seal.

Sunbleached by Varathane

Truth be told I have not tried this one yet. BUT I have some big plans for this stain. I love the look of light and bright spaces and this wood tone is the perfect addition to those spaces. I have seen a ton of people use this stain and I personally love the look. And again, this stain pairs so well with the other whether you go more grey tones or neutral wood tones, this is a great alternative for some pieces if you don't want everything to be so matchy-match.

I love redoing furniture and I think more people should take it on! It is easier than you think, and can totally transform a piece and space.

Happy staining!