Puppy Talk

Happy Friday everyone! I am talking about one of my FAVORITE topics...my dog. And I use the term "dog" very lightly. He really is like having a super furry toddler. He is my little buddy and my training child before I have real ones...so I am very particular about everything he comes into contact with!

Maverick was a rescue pup who was found in a dumpster at two days old. I got him when he was four pounds and about eight weeks old, with a lot of spunk and sass. Within the first few months of having him, he was diagnosed with severe skin allergies and a poultry allergy. So that meant I had to be super careful what he came into contact with on a regular basis. Now I know, I am totally THAT dog mom, but I wanted my pup to be as healthy and happy as humanly possible. So I took time and researched some solutions and things that would help his incessant itching and biting and overall stress on his body. Once I started researching, I found out how common this is! I know I would have loved a little list of stuff that were tested and proven to be good, so I figured I could throw one together of Mav's favorite things in hopes of helping other pups and pup parents. I also threw in some other items that are just doggie parent life-savers too.

Animal Scents Shampoo

I have tried so many different "natural" dog shampoos. I cannot tell you how many of them ended up having something in it that irritated Maverick's skin. After further investigation and research, so many of them still have harsh chemicals and fragrances that can really irritate the skin. This one is one of two that Maverick has reacted well to. This one seems to be a favorite because it cleans really well, very easy to wash out, the essential oils seem to calm him, and I know for a fact this one has nothing harmful in it for him.

Nutro Limited Ingredient Food

Along with trying countless shampoos, I have also tried numerous food types and brands for Maverick. I have always had him on a good diet, but after the vet said that he has a poultry allergy (as do most dogs) I knew I wanted to avoid anything that could make his itching worse. So once again, I researched and came across this brand that clearly puts NO CHICKEN right on the label. It is specifically formulated with protein being the number one ingredient and no grain or gluten in it either. The best part? He lost his mind over this food. He is not an over-eater in the slightest, but he loves this food. He also loves the smaller kibble pieces since his mouth is quite small.

Nutro Crunchy Treats

What pup doesn't like treats? Other than his usual tortilla chips that he loves, Mav loves these little crunchy treats. Side note, these also smell AMAZING. They are made with real apple and brown rice as the main ingredient.

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser

I always keep this on me or in the car. Its so nice to have this available for the spontaneous trips to the beach. Maverick is always thirsty it seems like so I keep this in his bag of stuff I take with me anytime I have him with me.

These are just a few core products my pup cannot live without, and we hope if you are having similar issues with your pup, that you give these a try!