Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to cook. I had great cooks around me growing up, whether it was my grandma's signature chicken with wine sauce, my other grandma's french dip sandwiches, or my aunt's out of this world enchiladas, I was always taught about cooking and how it brings the family together. They also taught me how to make it as easy as possible with the correct tools. So I am covering my personal favorite cooking tools and where you can find yours!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This had to be the first one on my list because it is by far my favorite tool, and probably my most prized possession. My grandma got mine for me a couple Christmases ago, and I use this on a weekly basis. It is easy to clean, looks adorable on the counter, and makes recipes so much easier! How I ever cooked without one before is a miracle. I have the Artisan 5 qt. mixer in the color ice. Click on the picture to shop for your very own mixer!

Cuisinart Food Processor

Can I get an AMEN for this one?! This guy makes cooking life so much easier. Whether you are chopping up fresh veggies for homemade salsa, or grating cheese...yes I said grating cheese, this thing has come in handy more times than I can count. Available in 5 colors on Amazon.

Assorted Wooden Spoons

French Rolling Pin

I love simple things, can you tell? I bought a french rolling pin a few years ago and I love it. I had a traditional one before and I found it was harder to clean and left weird lines in whatever i was rolling, and my OCD heart just could not handle that. So I switched to this one and I love it!

Stone Baking Sheet

My heart just skipped a beat for this pan. My mom has bought me all of my Pampered Chef items over the years, and they are honestly the BEST. They are durable, easy to clean, and cook everything so evenly. I cannot imagine using a traditional metal cookie sheet!

OXO Storage Containers

These aren't necessarily a gadget, but they certainly help with keeping everything fresh and organized. I love having all of my go-to products within arms reach, and these you can stack! So these are a definite must have in my kitchen.

Sous Vide Cooker

Ok this one is a bit more technical, so all of you that are intimidated by cooking already, this is not the gadget for you. A sous vide cooker is an amazing tool when you have the right components. You will also need a vacuum sealer to go along with this device, but if you already have one, then it is actually quite simple. This device cooks everything perfectly even, and is easy to use once you get it down. So all my adventurous/ambitious cooks...seriously this thing is magic.

Wire Cooling Racks

These seem so basic, but I am always shocked at how many people don't have these! I use mine all the time, whether I'm leaving cookies to cool on them, or using them to rest even the hot cookie sheets on, these racks come in handy all the time!

Pyrex Cooking and Food Storage Containers

Pyrex! The holy grail of convenient cooking. I use mine constantly especially when I meal prep. It is so nice to minimize the dishes and I love these because you can cook whatever you need to in them, then use the lids and throw items directly in the fridge! Talk about life made simple. They have different quantity packages online, but I have the one above and it is great!

Silicone Baking Sheets

Can you tell I am a baker? If you are not quite ready to make the plunge into the stone bake-ware, these are a great tool to make your current sheets even better. These are great to be sure nothing sticks, and it is super easy to take them off and transfer your baked items to the cooling racks in one swift motion.

Alright my fellow home-taught chefs, I hope my list of favorite kitchen gadgets has shown you some items worth considering!

Happy cooking.