Time to switch it up over here at GDC. As you can see I am trying to incorporate more lifestyle content with all of you, so I figured hey! Lets share my go-to beauty products! I am really into clean, vegan, cruelty free that definitely limits my products to choose from, but I am so happy with what is available and the selection is only growing as people become more aware of issues with ingredients in other products. My mom gets all the credit for me being aware of what products I place on my body. She has always been so eager to live as clean of a lifestyle as possible and limit the number of chemicals in our home growing up, and I truly admire that! Knowledge is an incredibly powerful thing and she has always done the most with whatever information she gathers through the years on how to stay healthy. There is also an amazing app called Think Dirty that one of my best friends showed me where you can scan all of your products to see how clean or "dirty" they are. So useful!

Here is a list of my favorite clean beauty products, if you all like it, I will cover my clean makeup products and home products!

Facial Cleanser

I just recently switched over to this cleanser from another clean option, and I have really loved it so far! I wash my face morning and night and my skin never feels dried out or over oily by mid-day. I tend to have acne prone skin (yay adult acne) so I am constantly looking for ways to prevent a breakout. I feel like this cleans my skin really well and just overall balances my skin out.

Hydrating Serum

This is a pretty new addition to the bag, but so far I am OBSESSED. It is probably my favorite step of my nightly routine and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and "awake" the next morning. I have always used a nighttime moisturizer, but sometimes I felt like they made my skin feel clogged up or weighted down, this is definitely not like that at all! I apply one pump to my face and neck every night after washing my face, and that's it! A little goes a long way with this.

Matte Mist

This is the real MVP of my beauty bag. I spray this on my face right before I do my makeup in the morning and I spray it after almost like a setting spray. Anyone else get a weird oily face come like 2pm? I totally do on my forehead and cheeks, and this has drastically changed that. I didn't want to apply more makeup through the day and have it look too heavy, and this is a total game changer. No more touch ups happening over here!

Facial Scrub

I love this brand. I found this scrub about a year ago in my search for cleaner beauty products, and I fell in love instantly. I have found that more natural products kind of fall flat when it comes to performance sometimes, I am not sure if its because I grew up so used to how more chemically based products felt or what, but this one definitely feels like it gets in there and really cleans everything out.

Acne Cream

I have no idea why, but once I hit 22, I got adult acne like no one's business. It was so embarrassing! I could not figure out how to cut down on the breakouts, I changed my eating habits, switched out my pillow cases almost everyday...nothing really worked. Then, Young Living came out with this acne cream and guys its real good. Again, I didn't want to use something riddled with harsh chemicals and fragrances, so I knew I wanted to give this a shot. I love my oils so much so I figured what the heck. I have noticed a huge difference in my acne spots and overall duration of a pimple. It seems that I get less of them, they are smaller, and they disappear much faster. I do still get flare ups due to hormones, but this seems to really help.

I hope you all found some products that you want to try out! I am always on the hunt for new ones that I love, so if you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line or DM me on instagram with your thoughts!