Welcome back everyone! This week I am sourcing artwork for a client and I figured I might as well clue you guys into my favs. I love using Minted for artwork because you can customize it, you are supporting real artists, and they are super affordable!

Here are my top 5!

#1: Pacific

You have probably seen this print on Pinterest or other design sites, and it is always a favorite! With subtle colors and California style, it is such a great addition to any room. Available in sizes from 7"x5"-54"x40".

#2: Tomah

If you are into more of a farmhouse feel, this print is totally up your alley! The frame is interchangeable, so even if you want something a bit more modern to compliment this print, they have it! Available in sizes 5"x7"-44"x60".

#3: Advection

Feeling a little abstract? I am always more inclined to love abstract art. I think it can take on so many different styles and it is a way to bring in a nice pop of color to a space as well. This print is available in sizes 5"x7"-40"x54".

#4: Plant Cell

For my more modern peeps. This is a classic go-to. It goes will all color palettes and just adds in a nice touch of black.

#5: Montebello

I love a good architectural picture. This one is super neutral and could really be a versatile piece. Available in sizes 5"x7"-44"x60".

I hope you all were inspired to find your very own artwork!