Bedroom Tour

Long time no talk!

Things have been SUPER busy over here at GDC. We recently finished up a full renovation and I also managed to (finally) finish up my master bedroom! No super big changes were made, but it was mainly finishing details and accessories to pull it all together and make it feel complete.

I know I will probably change up my accessories over the next few years since I find myself liking different styles CONSTANTLY, so I decided to go with budget friendly options that are pretty style-neutral. I did invest in a new bed frame and new nightstands, those pieces will basically go with any of the styles I find myself gravitating towards, so I was totally fine pulling the trigger on those!

Remember the post about all the nightstands I loved?! Yea I ended up buying two super ugly nightstands and refinishing them, and by ugly I mean like they were probably heading for the dumpster any day but I decided to save them and be the furniture whisperer instead (I will show you all the before and after on another post). I was needing a DIY project and they ended up being such a great find.

Everyone and their mother has the Hemnes dresser, but I was over the hardware and that was a quick, inexpensive fix. I have been super into brass lately so I wanted to bring a touch of that in, and like I said, if I get over it, quick fix into a different style! I have changed the hardware on this dresser 3 times previously and it honestly is amazing how different it can look just by switching that out. I also added in some more greenery, because plants are the bees knees especially fake ones that I can't kill...

Well there you have it! Quick changes to make it feel more custom and on a budget.