We are moving! Again!

You guys are probably just as sick of us moving as we are, but honestly there is a twisted side of me that totally loves it. It's a new opportunity to create a new space for myself and refresh and change my scenery. This time, I definitely took a different approach to the process though. Normally when I decide to relocate, I don't really have a plan for the new space, and it hit me a few weeks ago like how dumb is that?! Being a designer, the advice we give to clients moving or at the start of a remodel is so different from what we actually decide to do for ourselves. So I hired myself and set out to design my new house before even moving in. Now if you all at this point think I am crazy, you're probably right.

Over the last 6 months I have been on a quest that I feel like many of you have been on as well. How do I simplify my life and make it more peaceful and just less stressful? One way to do that is to change the environment that you spend the most time in. My current house has never felt like home for some reason. Nothing personal against the house itself, just not the vibe that I wanted. I also decided to stop buying things that I didn't absolutely love. That is a hard one for me because I always want things to feel finished, instead of waiting for the right pieces. So that my friends, is why I decided to create a game plan to avoid overspending or mis-spending in areas that were unnecessary.

Let's start with my bedroom....

My bedroom this last year has been kind of eh to me. Things just seemed super off and I think the biggest thing was the lack of natural light. I am literally a house plant, so I require way more sunlight than my current place offers. That was the biggest thing I looked for when house hunting.

I really wanted to keep 99% of the items I have in my current room since I just bought the new bed frame and nightstands. But I did opt to switch a few accessories out for some more neutral items that brought in lots of texture.

Here is the plan:

So here is the scheme as of now! I really wanted it to feel very calm and relaxing and bring in elements that I love. I am such a texture person, I wanted to bring that in even more in this new space. I used pillows I already had and bought new covers for them here. If you wait to catch them on sale they are only $8.99 a piece which is a steal, they are great quality! I also brought in the tree from the living room, but I am going back and forth about bringing in the smaller one instead, but I bought this one here. I love this tree so much. Coming from an apartment with very little light, this was the perfect choice for me, and honestly like 3 of my clients have bought it as well and are just as obsessed. I was also on the hunt for a new duvet cover. I have had this one at least 10 years and no matter how often I washed it or bleached it, it still just looked a little dingy. I bought my new textured duvet set here, I haven't received it yet but I am super hopeful it is exactly what I want! I also found some adorable terra cotta accents to bring in as well, that and woven accents are my latest obsession, like cannot get enough! The two vases (tall vase, short vase) pictured are from Hobby Lobby but I went to the store and couldn't find them anywhere so you can always order online! I also got some AMAZING euro shams from The Company Store, and I am obsessed. I got mine in the indigo color!

Stay tuned as I launch the next rooms of the house!