Living Room Concept

Happy Friday friends! The weekend is almost here and we are all for it. I have been packing like a crazy person all week but I wanted to share the plan for the living room real fast!

I am really not changing a whole heck of a lot in this space since I have finally reached a point where I love every piece in the room. The couple changes that I did end up making, were really to make the whole house flow together and just feel like one cohesive and inviting space.

I am all about the woven accents right now but I didn't want to spend a whole heck of a lot incorporating that trend. So I found this amazinggg girl on Instagram who sells these basket walls. I haven't put mine up yet obviously but I played with the baskets in photoshop and I am so excited to get these hung up.

I also swapped out my fav curtains for these white ones from Ikea. I loved the old ones but I only ever bought three panels (rookie move) and I need four for this new house. With needing more curtains, that also meant that I needed more curtain rods, and per Katie over at Halfway Wholistic, she swears by these curtain rods.

I am super happy with the quality of the new ones though. I bought like 6 different sets and these were by far my favorite. I got a new coffee table as well about a month ago and I am obsessed. Caught it on sale and honestly love the look and very pleased with the quality of it!

My last little swap I did was probably my favorite. Anyone else a Hobby Lobby fan? They sell the cutest pillow covers and I got the dark charcoal ones from there for (drumroll please....) $7.49 each. If you catch them on sale at 50% off, that is the price! I even did some switches in my bedroom as well. So nice to be able to keep my inserts but switch the cover. Easier to store too!

Well stay tuned for the next space! Thinking the dining room and kitchen are up next!