GDC Neutral Paint Colors

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are talking neutral paint today. We have been asked numerous times what our go-to colors we figured we would share a few of them with all of you! We will also give you some tips and tricks for choosing a paint color to make the decision process just a little easier.

1. Loft Space by Behr

2. Respose Grey by Sherwin Williams

3. Silver Bullet by Behr

4. Sparrow by Behr

5. Statuesque by Behr

6. Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams

Tip #1: Evaluate your lighting.

So what do I mean by "evaluate your lighting"? I mean, take a look around the space and see how much natural light you have throughout the day. Light is the biggest factor when selecting a paint color, it can change the color itself to take on other colors, and it can dramatically effect the overall feel of your space. Rooms with lots of natural light can get away with a darker overall color, or you can accent it further by staying on the lighter side.

Tip #2: Paint swatches of 3 colors on your walls.

Whenever I speak with clients who are torn between a couple colors, I always advise them to grab a couple samples of the paint colors they are considering. I then instruct them to paint the colors in various areas around the room/house, depending on your project. The next step is critical: look at your dried paint swatches in the various locations numerous times throughout the day. Trust me, I'm not a crazy paint lady. This allows you to be sure that in all of the varying light that can enter a house throughout the day, that you like the color in all of the settings.

Tip #3: Select the correct finish.

When selecting a paint sheen/finish, think about where you are painting. If you are painting in areas where there is water (i.e. a bathroom or kitchen) I recommend using either satin or semi-gloss. This prevents the walls from being able to soak in any moisture, and also makes the walls easy to clean and wipe down...double bonus if you have kids or pets. I typically paint all other walls eggshell. Eggshell is the master of all finishes. It gives your walls forgiveness if there are imperfections, but it is also great for maintenance and overall durability.

We hope our paint selections have helped point you in the right direction, and our tips help to remove some of the confusion.

Happy painting.


Team GDC